We have over 20 years of experience in maintaining and protecting brand and logo integrity.

As a one-source product supplier, you will receive consistent pricing and quality across the board. Our team is dedicated to your account and provide professional inventory management for promotion products and corporate apparel.

You will experience improved internal efficiency as all stakeholders will use the same source, saving time and giving you better buying power. Our team can also implement budget limits to better control costs.

Print Tex will pick, pack and ship the orders within 1 business day.

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We are the experts

We have over 20 years of experience in providing corporate fulfillment services.


We can deliver your products in 2 days

Our warehouse facilities in Kentucky and Utah can cover approximately 80% of the U.S. population with 2-day or less ground delivery service.


We can make all your artwork

Our experienced art department is skilled in adapting logos to look great on every textile.


Saving you money

Volume purchasing power assures you always receive the best price.


We build your e-commerce site

Create a personalized e-commerce site to place orders for your business.


We even provide your customer service

Your customer service is dealt with by our team of experienced staff.

How it works


Understanding Your Needs

Members of the Print Tex, Sales, Sourcing and IT teams meet with your team to determine product selection, min-max inventory levels and e-commerce requirements.


Website Creation

While your product is being sourced and embellished, the IT team is creating a customized e-commerce site to your exact requirement.


Place Your Orders

Once the e-commerce site goes active, your team members and/or customers will place orders on the site.


Your Order Is En-Route

Print Tex will pick, pack and ship the orders within 1 business day.


Your Inventory Managed

Print Tex will manage inventory based upon the min-max levels agreed upon and make suggestions to changes in inventory and product selection based on usage.


Seasonal Updates

Biannual line reviews will serve to keep the product line fresh, and adjust for seasonal demands.


2-day delivery with Fulfillment orders.*

We’re based in Kentucky & Utah, get your products fast.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Ways to use fulfillment


Consistent Franchise Appearance

Assure Brand Guidelines are met and Approved Item usage Across All Locations.

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Quality Staff Uniforms

Control Cost, Inventory and Brand Guidelines are met Systemwide.

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Boosting Employee Motivation

Award, Recognition and Incentive Programs.

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