Frequently Asked Questions

What is corporate fulfilment?

Corporate fulfilment allows businesses to outsource their order fulfilment process by enabling a third party to stock, process, pack, deliver and return business goods.

How does corporate fulfilment work?

The process begins by understanding the needs of the organization, determining product selection and inventory levels. Following this, you will receive a customized e-commerce site that your business can use to place orders.
Once the groundwork is complete and your new e-commerce site is active, your employees/customers can start to place their orders. Your corporate fulfilment provider will then pick, pack, and ship the items.
 Quarterly review meetings will take place to re-evaluate products and inventory levels.

What is the payment process?

Print Tex accept ACH, all major credit cards and third-party billing.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We have a simple agreement letter specifying the services we provide, and the protection of your brand images.

Each item we stock will have an agreed-upon maximum inventory level and we simply ask your obligation to take any product branded for your business within that limit.

Do Print Tex USA ship internationally?

Yes, we work with all major international carriers.

What are the benefits of a fulfilment centre?

Working with a fulfilment centre means you don’t need a warehouse to keep stock or staff to work at the centres meaning your costs are kept low.
Gone are the days of placing separate orders for multiple staff members, this can now be completed by the team member themselves with your customized e-commerce website.